The Manyfold

The Manyfold is jewellery that makes you feel, makes you think, makes you pretty. Jewellery that could become a long lasting companion. Jewellery that wants to be worn. The personality of the wearer makes it complete.

Jeannette finds inspiration in brief encounters with strangers, (day)dreams, a walk in the park, fleamarket treasures as well as in the strange and lost items found in the streets of a city. It is the day-to-day experiences that make images appear in her mind and she turns and twists those images to reveal the humorous, the dark, the weird side of things. 

Working in a associative way, poetic and iconic shapes and everyday materials are turned into an other kind of preciousness.

The Manyfold is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All pieces are handmade in small editions.

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