A presentation

Amsterdam, June 2016

Insel, the German word for island is an ongoing presentation form.
The 1. island was small, just 1m2 of parquet or big, 1m2 of parquet, depending how you would look at it. I got this island as a present from Lotte van Gein (kunstenaar, schrijver, Rijksakademie), owner of Parchet Artbase (a base for art, experiment and dialogue in Amsterdam).
For a couple of weeks it was all mine and I squatted and inhabited it with jewellery, free work, photographs, inspiration, associations, related and unrelated objects, private belongings and other strange things. It was a crowded place, a “mixed bag”, asking for the visitors to walk around and discover. Dense connectedness and new links appeared between the objects.
A democratic presentation, where unfinished work and miscellany could become the backdrop for final pieces and vice versa.

Jeannette Jansen
necklaces, photo's